Approved Grants

Approved Grants:


Cambodia Mission
Children's Ministry - Toddler Area Updates
Campus Projector
World Relief Sacramento - Good Neighbor Team


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento "Build for Unity"
Courage House Chicken Coop Build


Resurrection Playground Project
Resurrection Labyrinth
Rwanda School Library
Saint John’s Women’s Shelter meal served by Resurrection


Cambodia Mission

Grant Updates:

Cambodia Mission Trip:

Displaying untitled-0062.jpg“Along with a team of ten other Christians, including one of my daughters, we embarked on a mission trip to one of the darkest corners of the world: Svay Pak, Cambodia. For ten days, we worked at a restoration center, with boys and girls rescued from sex trafficking and slavery. To say that this was a life-changing experience would be an understatement. When I received the generous grant from LCR, I stared at it and cried, and then smiled. That grant helped us to expand our ministry and provide rice to the poorest of the poor, who work at the brick factories in Svay Pak. What I would give for Walt to have known the generosity of LCR and the fact that you did exactly as he thought you would! You reached out to your neighbor – on the other side of the world, with love in your hearts and a desire to help.”  Sue Ernst



Resurrection Playground Project:

“The updates to our church’s playground not only has taken steps to beautify this part of our campus, but also has improved the safety for all our young children and families that use it every week!” – Young Families of Resurrection




Resurrection Labyrinth:“The dedication of our Labyrinth means so much to me and would mean a great deal to Pastor Marty.”- Junia Wager

“Helping to design and build a labyrinth on Resurrection's grounds was a wonderful blessing. Many people were involved in helping. I have invited others in our community to come over and walk the labyrinth, and it is appreciated by those who walk it.  It is a wonderful way to contemplatively walk and pray.  My personal preference for walking the labyrinth is to stand at the threshold of the labyrinth and ask God to help me let go of whatever I need to let go of in order to deepen my spiritual growth, and when I enter the center to open to receive God's gifts for me.  The walk out is an invitation to take back out into the world and share with others the gifts I have been blessed with.” – Tanda Ainsworth



Rwanda School Library:

Robin Strickler of the Rwanda School said after receiving donations of new books “it’s always exciting to see titles we don’t know, too, and I love when both teachers and students come in and browse and get excited about what is going to go on the shelves.  Thank You, Thank You!  It is just great, and we are all most thankful!”



St. John’s Program for Real Change:


It’s dinner time at St. John’s shelter for women and children.  A team from Resurrection prepares a nutritious meal for about 80 women and children on their own and then carpools together to St. John’s in Sacramento.  The team eagerly meets and greets the mothers at St. John’s who are on average 30 years old with two children.  The mothers and children also look forward to a homemade dinner and time to share stories and celebrate their success.  During the day, the mother’s receive mental health services and comprehensive education classes while they undergo hands-on job training.  In the evening the women and children eat communally and develop a sense of a healthy family life through formalized activities like movie and game night.

One of my favorite parts of serving is sitting with the women and children at the dinner tables enjoying conversation, laughing and listening to stories about their life. The women and children are grateful for the experience they have to learn and grow at St. John’s. They know they are safe and appreciate the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children.   – Michelle Larsh              

“They loved our colorful and yummy food, especially the treat of bar cookies for dessert and gave us two rounds of applause. We sat at the tables with some of the women and listened to their stories.... Hard to wrap your head around being very pregnant and having neither a place of your own nor a support system, as was the case of one of the women.

Thank you to the directors of LCR's Legacy Fund for underwriting this special meal.” - Annelise Graf