Why donate?

Sue Ernst  (former Resurrection Member)

“I can recall as if it were yesterday, sitting in the pew next to Walt. Listening to Pastor’s message, that for some reason, he had written just for the two of us that day. We resonated with each word, and then, like chocolate sauce on a sundae, we sang Beautiful Savior. I remember Walt reaching out for my hand, as we were accustomed to doing. We smiled at each other and I could see the tears in his eyes. By now, Walt was quite ill and our last visits to church together were to be cherished because it was there that we both felt truly together and at peace. For a short time, we could sit with God, in His house, and feel the love and security of that place.

On the way home, Walt spoke to me about the Endowment Fund, now called the Legacy Fund. He told me that he wanted to do something for the church and asked me what I thought about making a gift to the Endowment Fund at the time of his passing. He said, and this is the part I want you to hear: “This church family is very special. There is so much love here. We have so many wonderful friends here. It is a welcoming church and it is an outward-thinking church. The Pastor encourages everyone to find their way to serve. It’s a very healthy church and I just know that if they had the funds, they would put it to good work.”

In 2012, I was honored to present a check to the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in memory of my husband Walt.”

Bob Peterson – Memorial for Ruth Peterson

“I was involved in the early stages of creating an Endowment Fund at Resurrection.  It was through this process that Ruth and I were able to have conversations about creating our own Legacy. It’s a matter of Legacy, do you want to leave a legacy when your no longer aroung?  We decided that we would want to add to our Legacy through Resurrection’s Endowment (Legacy) Fund and be able to make a difference in other’s lives for many generations to come.”

John and Jinnie Wickeraad

“Why did we donate?   We like the idea of an endowment or Foundation fund and the difference it can make it.  However Jinnie and I are not Bill Gates, Bill Hewlett, or Dave Packard so we are not in a position that we can start our own Foundation.  

We feel very strongly that the mission of Resurrection and the Legacy Fund aligns well with what our desire for an endowment fund would be.  We like that there is a church, community and global focus and that the Legacy grants will align with the work and mission of Resurrection.  We know that our children and grandchildren will be a big part of our Legacy but God and the church are such a big part of our lives that we feel it is important that we help enable God’s work to continue in to the future.   Just like we want to be able to financially help our children when we are gone we want to help our church family in the Resurrection ministry.  The bonus for us starting our donation now is that we can witness some of the work being done through the Legacy Fund.  It has been very inspiring to see the results from the grants made so far and to think the impact will continue to grow every year is very exciting.

From a financial perspective it was a good way to gift some appreciated stock avoiding the capital gains and getting the deduction for the charitable gift.  It is nice to know that the money can now be invested in the Legacy Fund and will be able to generate tax free income/dividends and gains that can be used for God’s work.”