Artisan Display

Calling All Artisans!

God’s good gifts include those given to artisans.  On All Saints Sunday, Nov. 5th, we would like to showcase the artwork of members skilled in an applied art or craft.  The items, created by hand, may be functional or strictly decorative.  Items sought include handwoven textiles, ceramics, leather goods, oil or water color paintings, ceramics, photographs, needlework, tapestries, etc.   If you would like to display an item, please contact Lynne Gregoire at or call 916-771-9781. Entries will be limited to the amount of display space available and artisans will be asked to set up and take down their item to ensure the safety of their work. 

Artisans: Please fill out the form provided in this link and return it to an offering plate or to the church office.  Thank you!