Serving Our Congregation

Current Opportunities

LEGACY (Endowment) FUND  – There is a position currently open to serve on the Legacy Fund Board of Trustees.  The purpose of the legacy fund is to provide the means to enable charitable giving consistent with our congregation’s mission beyond programs supported through regular offerings.   Duties of the Board are to educate the congregation about the Fund;  implement strategies that promote giving to the Fund; and establish procedures for disbursing grant requests.   Please contact Council President, John Crostic  at  to express your interest in serving on the Board of Trustees or leave a message through the church office.  The Council is responsible for appointing Trustees to the Legacy Endowment Board.

ALTAR GUILD - A brand new year! New blessings, new challenges and ways to serve our Lord and the people of Resurrection.  Communion is served at all three services and the Altar Guild is in need of additional help to prepare the communion table. Come; join our dedicated team that serves on a rotating schedule. Please call Lorraine Wells (916-723-7926) for the 8:00 & 11:00 service or Noreene Shaffer (916-663-5527) for the 9:30 contemporary service.

FAITH FORMATION MINISTRY TEAM offers educational and faith formation activities that allow adults to explore their Christian beliefs and experience God’s love and gift of faith with deeper understanding.  We are seeking people who love learning and are adept in developing, organizing and presenting classes, seminars, workshops, retreats and other presentations.  Team members are “Doers” and actively participate in all aspects of the activities Faith Formation commits to offering.  If your interest or background is in teaching and you cannot commit to full time participation, there are opportunities throughout the year to share your gift by leading a class or seminar.  We hope you accept our invitation to serve by contacting Linda Babcock at or (916) 608-2109.

USHERS for worship services provide an invaluable service. In many ways, ushers are the “face” of the church. It is important that an usher be friendly, honest, and willing to serve. It is an honorable position in the church, requiring integrity, cordiality, and wisdom. Ushering requires a true love for the people of the church and a desire to promote an atmosphere of reverence and worship in the house of God.   Click here to learn more about the role of our ushers. Please contact Coordinator Earl Cole to express your interest and obtain more information.

GREETERS for worship services, along with the ushers, are the first ones people see when they   arrive.  They shouldn’t be too informal, as visitors will partly form their impression of the church by how they are greeted. Duties include checking the narthex for cleanliness and tidiness, locating bulletins, unlocking and opening doors and familiarity with answers to common questions like “where is the restroom?”  They are cordial, friendly people who greet everyone with a smile (by name if you have met them) and always greet the children, too.  Click here to learn more about the role of our greeters. Please contact Coordinator Le Viksten  to express your interest and obtain more information.

SOCIAL MINISTRY TEAMLooking for an opportunity to be involved?  Have an hour or so one Monday evening a month?  Want to find a way to support those who lead Resurrection outreach projects?  If you answered yes, or even maybe, to one or more of these questions, the Social Ministry Team has the answer for you!  The team meets once a month to identify and review available resources – time, talents and financial - to support current and new outreach efforts to those in need beyond our campus and addressing social concerns.  We are looking to expand our team, and would love to welcome YOU!  Interested or have questions?  Contact Judy Moore at or 521-2392.